Covid-19 vaccinations at work: John Frewen discusses plan

There are plans to allow people to receive the jab at work soon as part of a renewed effort to increase Australia’s vaccination rate.

Australian workers could receive the vaccine in the office by September, the head of Australia‘s Covid vaccination rollout says.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Lieutenant General John Frewen said GPs, qualified nurses, and pharmacists could administer the vaccines in the workplace.

Administration by medical students and paramedics is also on the table.

“Around September and October, when we have greater access to the vaccines, that’s when workplace vaccination can open up,” Lieutenant Frewen told reporters.

“It takes the burden off both the primary healthcare system and some of the state mechanisms.”

Lieutenant Frewen emphasized many workplaces already had preselected nurses who administered the flu vaccine to their workers every year.

“They’re used to vaccinating their workforce,” he said.

The main limiter to at-work vaccination would be vaccine availability, Lieutenant Frewen said.

He said states would decide who would administer vaccines at work, and Pfizer would be the vaccine of choice.

However, Australians were assured that only “appropriately qualified people” would be permitted to administer the vaccines.


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