On the Scene at the Pajama Themed Premiere of Secret Society Movie in Atlanta Hosted By Claire Sulmers14

Fashion Bomb Hair: Claire Sulmers Dons Indique Virgin Hair Extensions’s Sea Body Lace Front Wig for Secret Society Movie Premiere and Pajama-Themed Bash in Atlanta

Wondering how our EIC Claire Sulmers’s hair is always on point? Well, it is all thanks to the superb extensions and wigs from Indique Hair Extensions. Indique is Claire’s go-to source for quality, long-lasting tresses. She recently donned an Indique wig while attending the Secret Society movie premiere in Atlanta.

Claire Sulmers got ready to host the Secret Society movie premiere and pajama-themed party in Atlanta with Indique hair. Her hairstylist Anthony Wilson installed her wig, the Sea Body Lace Front Wig from Indique, starting at $449.

Wilson melted her lace to perfection and straightened the lace front wig, making sure it was picture-perfect and ready for the night ahead.

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Explore other moments with Claire rocking hair from Indique:

If you’re loving the Sea Body Lace Front Wig, you can secure it nowhere and use Claire’s code BOMB15 for 15% off your purchase!

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