Floridian Mocks Surgeon General Over ‘Completely Immune’ Relative — In The Grave

What initially appeared to be a letter of praise from a Florida resident about the state’s new surgeon general Saturday turned out to be a searing takedown of Dr. Joseph Ladapo’s deadly, science-defying COVID-19 advice.

Florida resident Charles Chamberlain, 81, wrote a letter to The Tampa Bay Times editor headlined “Dead Right.” He referred to a recent comment by Ladapo, who dismisses COVID-19 vaccines that being infected with the disease provides “great protection” from COVID-19.

He’s “spot on,” wrote Chamberlain.

“I am aware that he is correct because of a recent experience with a member of my family,” Chamberlain added. “He had a severe infection from COVID-19. He is past that now and is completely immune — not only from COVID-19 but flu and other respiratory infections as well.”

Chamberlain added in a gut punch: “Of course, we are burying this family member next week.”

Ladapo has been slammed for his anti-science messages critical of masks, lockdowns, and vaccines to protect against COVID-19 as the state has continued to be a leader in the nation in COVID-19 cases and deaths. Some 54,000 Floridians have died of COVID-19.

Ladapo said last week that students don’t have to quarantine and can continue going to school if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19. He is also leaving it up to parents on whether or not their children wear masks at school.

Chamberlain told The Washington Post that he was surprised The Tampa Bay Times published his letter. “I thought it was pretty snarky,” he said.

The dead family member he referred to in his letter was his father-in-law. As for Ladapo’s advice about getting COVID-19 and immunity, Chamberlain said: “Well yeah, that’s a way of curing people, but the problem is fatalities.”

holy shit pic.twitter.com/8mSjnGe2XR

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) September 25, 2021

Harsh, sadly accurate. Hope it makes some people think(?)

The abstinence-only crowd does seem to be moving to a death-only option for covid, tragically.

No longer better dead than red, now it’s better dead than vaccinated😔

— harmonist (@harmonist1) September 25, 2021

My dude.

You are not topping this guy’s ice cold delivery. pic.twitter.com/dQQuewnEgQ

— Fly🪶 (@flockofwords) September 25, 2021

“You’ll die but you’ll be immune from all diseases and viruses”

— Go Cubs (@GOPlastdays) September 25, 2021

Yes, yes, my mother had Covid in June of 2020. It lasted 14 days total. She will never get Covid again….

….she died from it. Suffocated to death alone, paliative care only.

— Lily Scott (@Lily_Scott_says) September 26, 2021

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