How to clean washing machine filter and pump every 3 months | video

A now-viral video has revealed the often missed washing machine part we should all be cleaning, as well as just how often we should be doing it.

It’s an appliance most of us use several times a week (if not every day) without a thought, but how often do you actually clean your washing machine?

The answer seems to be not very often, at least that’s according to one Perth woman’s now-viral TikTok on how to keep your washing machine fresh.

Carolina McCauley, who has more than 1.1 million followers on TikTok, where she shares cleaning and home organization advice, posted a video this week explaining how you should be cleaning your machine several times a year.

“Did you know your washing machine needs to be drained and cleaned every three months?” she captioned the video.

When cleaning your machine, Ms. McCauley said it was important not to forget to empty and clean the filter as it could result in your washing appliance smelling unpleasant.

“Just rinse with warm water, give the area a good clean before you reinstall it. This will keep your machine smelling fresh,” she wrote.

The video, which has since been viewed more than 1.7 million times, got hundreds of comments from people, many of whom were shocked (and a little embarrassed) that they had never cleaned their filter before.

“I never did this, and I’m too afraid to try this on my washing machine,” one person admitted.

“What? I never knew there was such a thing,” another wrote.

Others warned that if you left it too long, it could cause a mini flood inside your laundry.

“Never knew about the house, so when I did it, I had Niagara Falls so quickly screwed cap on and never touched it again … that was 10 years ago,” one person revealed.

“Twice I did this and flood [sic] the laundry room. I’m not allowed to touch it anymore,” another said.

Expert backs up filter cleaning advice

Ms. McCauley’s advice was backed up by Appliances Online category expert Colin Johns who also advised to check your filter if your washer wasn’t working.

“At the bottom of front load washing machines, there is a filter, which is a pump guard that should be checked and cleaned out every three months,” he said.

“Also, if your machine suddenly stops working, it’s best to check this area first.”

He said that most filters store up to three to four liters, and you should put down a towel if your machine didn’t come with a hose.

“The pump guard traps anything that may come loose throughout the wash cycle and stops it from entering and destroying the washers’ pump,” Mr. Jones said.

“Wash the pump guard under running water to clean and then replace back into your machine and continue to use your washing machine as normal.”


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