8 Jennifer lopez ben affleck green tartan plaid fringe coat dior fall 2021. 1

JLo and Ben Affleck Enjoy PDA with Jennifer Lopez in Green Plaid Fringe Fall Dior 2020 Coat and Dress

Jlo and Ben Affleck capitalized off the frenzied interest in their rekindled romance to film a movie together! Today’s scene called for copious P.D.A… La Lopez was Fall-ready in a Dior Green Plaid Fringed coat and dress.

The look appeared on Dior’s Fall 2021 runway, closed, with a matching Dior Book Tote and an oblique headscarf.

When I first started searching for this look, I thought that maybe it was by Isabel Marant or A.L.C. JLo always seems to remind us that while she looks like she’s still Jenny from the Block, she has come a long way since she was on the 6.


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