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Lanyards – History and Types

When thinking of lanyards, most people think of a cord that is put around the neck to hold an event pass or ID badge. While that is one of the most common uses of lanyards today. They are not at all new inventions. If you want to buy lanyards customized in bulk, you could check out the link provided: https://www.simplyaust.com.au/.


History of Lanyards

The history of lanyards stretches back to the 1500s when the French soldiers and pirates used them to keep their weapons close at hand. French soldiers and pirates made use of lanyards to ensure that they never lost their weapons while climbing the ships or engaging in war. The word lanyard comes from the French word ‘lantern’, which means strap.

We see some fancy lanyards today, but the first lanyards were simple straps that were made of rope or cord that was found on a ship and tied around a pistol, whistle, or sword. Soldiers used lanyards to attach guns to their uniforms throughout World War II.

As time passed, lanyards were developed into specific attachments that made it easier to switch out weapons, objects, or other tools, making them functional in both military and civilian life.

Lanyards of the modern-day

Lanyards serve a very functional purpose today and have become much more than a decorative item. They are as popular as a craft and a security device in the corporate world. Lanyard weaving became a trendy craft for French and American children in the 1950s. Being a craft, lanyard weaving teaches the children how to create complex knots like box knots, Chinese knots, triangle, and butterfly knots and develop manual dexterity. This craft, in France, was known as ‘scoubidou’ and in the USA as ‘boondoggle’.

In the corporate world, lanyards are used to display an ID or access badge. They would make it easy to maintain security at events and corporate sites as a visibly displayed pass would allow others to see what organization people belong to, who they are, and the level of access they have. Lanyards serve another essential function at events which are known as corporate branding. Companies could easily use lanyards as a great promotional and marketing item by customizing them and printing them with the company logo. Being an item that could be used for different functions like holding ID badges to keys, they are, no doubt, one of the most used items to print the company logo on for obtaining further brand recognition.

The next time when you plan on ordering the lanyards for any event, convention, or so on, you should remember that lanyards are more than a strap that is designed to display event passes. They could be a great piece of art with a rich and adventurous history. Many products on the market claim that they could be customized. However, very few could offer the buyer the range of choices that lanyards do. As a buyer, you could virtually design the custom item from the ground up. You would be able to make decisions during each step of the manufacturing process. The first thing you would get to pick is the type of cord or rope you wish to use. Polyester, woven, or tubular styles are three options that could be available. You could then determine the type of lanyard style that best suits your needs.

When selecting your lanyard, you should have a clear idea of your intentions about how to make use of the lanyard. If you are planning to hand it out to the staff and ask them to use it to carry their keys, you would most likely ask for the split ring attachment. If you plan to use the lanyard as an ID holder, you might want to look at the different features they would offer you. For staff that have electronic components in their ID, the rigid case is probably the best. You could also consider many other ways lanyards could be used and look at the options of having an attachment or an s clip. You might decide that you would prefer the bull clip or plastic strap. You could also consider using the lanyard pouch. This simple device would provide more space for the employee to place certain items. Notepads, pens, and even business cards could easily fit into one of the pouches.
Additionally, if the company wants, they could have the pouch dyed to match, and it could have the business’s name written on it. Lanyards are all about one’s choice. From the material to the size and color of the print, all possibilities are limitless.

Different Materials to consider when choosing the Custom Lanyard


One of the most popular and community-used lanyards. These are made of polyester material which could be durable and long-lasting. The cost-effectiveness and softness make them the ideal candidate for using them as promotional or advertising products.


It is considered superior to Polyester mainly due to its shiny outlook and ability to print detailed logos and text. If you are considering printing the colorful logo, then the printed Nylon lanyard is the perfect option.


  It is a less expensive and durable material that allows a flat surface for text printing. Not advisable for detailed or colored logos. Tube lanyards are the ultimate favorite for large gatherings and free giveaways during shows and charity events.


It is one of the best materials to choose from. With a textured feel and the ability to embroider stitch the text or logo into the lanyard, they are ideal for displaying the company or school name.

Dye Sublimation or Full Colour:

The invention of the thermal printing process has made it possible to print multi-color logos or even edge unlimited color printing. The logo or company name would stand out better on these cords.


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