Quiz to find out what stage of lockdown you are at

The moment our states go into lockdown, we often scramble to find ways to keep ourselves sane. Have you reached peak lockdown? Take our quiz.

To sum up, how do you feel about the lockdown? What would they be if there were three words?

“So over it?” Well, you’re not alone.

The moment our states are locked down, we often find ourselves scrambling for new ways to keep ourselves motivated and entertained.

For some, that could be trying a new skill, like drawing, painting, baking, or even DIY tasks, while for others, it could be focusing on different ways of improving training.

Whatever it may be, we’re all trying super hard to find ways to keep sane. And while we all may all be over it, we’re in it together.

Try this fun quiz to see what level of lockdown you’re currently at. And then send it on to your friends who you might think will get those peak lockdown scores.


Effie F. Bush is a 27-year-old junior manager who enjoys praying, social card games, and listening to music. She is inspiring and brave, but can also be very disloyal and a bit unfriendly.She is an Australian Christian who defines herself as straight. She has a post-graduate degree in business studies.

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