Scott Morrison: Australia’s four-stage plan out of Covid pandemic explained

Scott Morrison has unveiled a four-stage plan to get Australia through the pandemic, describing it as a ‘pathway out of Covid’.

The Prime Minister has outlined a four-stage plan to get Australia through the Covid crisis, which this week led to lockdowns around the nation as the highly infectious Delta strain seeped into the community.

The four stages are:

Addressing media after the second national cabinet meeting this week – this time in person after he emerged from a fortnight of quarantine following a trip to the UK – Scott Morrison noted there was “still quite a journey ahead” with the pandemic.

He described the four-stage plan as “the pathway out of Covid-19”.

“A pathway from a pre-vaccination period which is focused on the suppression of the virus on community transmission cases to one that sees us manage Covid-19 as an infectious disease like any other in our community,” Mr Morrison told reporters.


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