US woman lists what she loves about Australia after ‘lazy’ sushi remark


A US woman who lives Down Under has tried to “make it up” to the Australians she offended with a video criticizing a typical lunch dish.

A US woman living Down Under has issued an apology after calling Australians “lazy” for the way they eat sushi.

Kelsey Bullis shared a video arguing that the sushi roll should be cut into slices, saying she had a “bone to pick” with how we serve the popular Japanese food item.

But after copping heat from angry Australians on TikTok, Kelsey has issued another video to “make it up” to everyone she had “offended”, listing all the things she loves about our beloved country.

Kelsey, who appears to reside in the ACT, sparked outrage when she took to social media to question why sushi rolls – a lunch staple for many Aussies – weren’t sold sliced into smaller pieces.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you Aussies, OK,” she said. “Even if you’re not Australian, don’t scroll. The whole world deserves answers to this question.”

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She then picked up an avocado sushi roll and held it up to the camera, asking: “What is this, huh?”

“Taking the term sushi roll a little too literally here, I think?

“You’re supposed to slice them.

“This doesn’t even make any sense. You can’t even dip both sides of the little piece [into the soy sauce] that you’re supposed to be eating.”

Kelsey went on to declare it “pure laziness” before pleading: “Don’t come for me.”

However, come for Kelsey, they did, with many asking why she couldn’t just slice the sushi roll herself if she wanted it in smaller pieces.

“Australians don’t need them in dainty little slices,” one person wrote.

“We’re Aussie. We ain’t picky,” another said.

“’ Pure laziness?’ OK then. Cut it yourself if you don’t like the roll,” one woman declared.

Others took an even harsher approach, suggesting Kelsey should “go home” if she didn’t like it here.

As a result, Kelsey created another video addressing the “hate” she received and offered three things she loved about Australia.

“I made a TikTok recently complaining about how sushi hand rolls are made here in Australia, and I got so much hate,” she said.

Kelsey said she had over 500 comments saying, “go back to the US if you don’t like our sushi,” so she wanted to make it up to those she had upset by listing things she loves about living here.

“Number one, the coffee. It’s undeniably the best ever,” Kelsey explained in the video titled “I love you Australia I swear” shared on Monday, adding even the coffee on our planes was “life-changing”.

The second thing on her list was “the sense of humor”.

“I do stand-up comedy, and the bar is higher here. I think I’ve gotten better since moving here,” she said.

And last but not least was the free healthcare which Kelsey described as “awesome”.

Her most recent video has been met with a warmer attitude, with many describing Kelsey as “a good sport”.

“Hey, I’m sorry you felt you needed to do this, but it’s sweet you’re trying,” one person said.

“I was a part of that hate, and I’m sorry,” another agreed.

While one reason: “Us Aussies can be a little thin-skinned over some of our stuff, food is definitely a touchy one.”

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