‘Weird’ optical illusion TikTok video baffles people

A TikTok video has gone viral for tricking people into seeing color — with the clip making viewers feel like their “brain is broken”.

We all remember the blue vs. gold dress debate, but a new optical illusion is making people feel like their “brain is broken”.

British psychologist Dr Julie Smith posted a black and white video of herself sitting outdoors with a white cross on her head.

“You’re about to experience a negative after image,” Dr. Smith begins the video. “I’m going to trick your brain into seeing color where there is none.”

Dr. Smith switched the black and white video to a contrasted version and told viewers to “keep focusing on the cross on my head”.

“By focusing on the cross, your brain is going to do something incredible. Overexposing the receptors in your eyes to specific colors causes the brain to see inverted colors when the black and white image appears.

“Now, even when it changes, keep focusing on the cross.”

If you’ve been following Dr. Smith instructions properly, the image appeared in warm or muted colors when the video switched back to black and white.

The video, viewed more than 413,000 times, stunned Dr. Smith’s followers, who dubbed it both “weird and cool”.

“I think my brain is broken,” one person commented.

“I’ve rewatched this so many times; my mind is blown,” one viewer wrote.

“That was crazy! It was only for a split second, but wow,” another said.

But others complained they hadn’t seen the optical illusion at all, and the video made their “head hurt”.

“What does it mean if you can’t see color? Broken brain?” one person asked.

Last week a picture of a girl seemingly stuck in a path went viral after being shared to Reddit.

“My daughter, where’s the rest of her?” the caption from Reddit user MK24ever reads. “Oh I see, do you?”

“This is making my brain hurt … I just can’t see it,” one person tweeted.

“Oh wow that took a minute,” another commented.

After staring at the image for long enough most people were able to work out what was really going on: the girl was actually standing behind a low wall made of the same material as the footpath.


Effie F. Bush is a 27-year-old junior manager who enjoys praying, social card games, and listening to music. She is inspiring and brave, but can also be very disloyal and a bit unfriendly.She is an Australian Christian who defines herself as straight. She has a post-graduate degree in business studies.

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